Sleemil (30)

Sleemil (30)

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Santegra®’s new exclusive product - Sleemil™,  containing a unique ingredient - Lactium®, is the perfect answer to stress management.
Designed in the research laboratories of Ingredia Nutritional in France, Lactium® allows you to prevent and regulate problems and bad habits due to stress: snacking, smoking, weight gain, sleep troubles, mood swings, sexual problems, impaired memory and concentration...

An original and 100% natural answer to stress-related problems - Lactium® is the ideal partner for better stress management.

It is well known, that newborn children became blissful and calm after ingesting milk. Studies show that this calm state is not linked to satiety. Scientists got the idea that some active ingredients in milk are able to calm newborn children.

Today, numerous bioactive components of milk and particularly peptides are known to have beneficial physiological properties, e.g. antihypertensive, immunological.

A combination of practical observations and scientific studies led scientists in 1988 to initiate research to identify a soothing constituent in milk.

After twelve years of research, Ingredia Nutritional scientists, together with various research institutes, identified a bioactive peptide endowed with relaxing properties in a hydrolysate of milk protein. This is how they discovered Lactium®.

Lactium® is the first patented, bioactive decapeptide with clinically proven anti-stress activity. This patented product is a breakthrough in science.

Lactium® properties:

    Clinically proven to be effective;
    No side effects;
    100% natural foodstuff;
    Unique and innovative product (EU Patent EP 0714910B1), (USA Patent N 5,846,939) (Japan Patent 8.268903).

As a dietary supplement, the usual recommendation is 167 mg/day. Lactium®  is effective about one hour after intake. This dosage can be increased if a person is overweight, or experiencing a situation that causes an extraordinary level of stress.

Clinical studies showed that Lactium® has no side effects.

Even at high doses, Lactium® has no sedative effect. People who take Lactium® feel more relaxed and usually fall asleep easier at bedtime and/or sleep better.

Lactium®  is a hydrolysate. The hydrolysates are known to be less allergenic than entire proteins. Furthermore, Lactium®  is lactose free (lactose < 0.5%).

Everyone’s response to stress is different. And the key to good health is not the ability to avoid stress, but the ability to manage it. Santegra®’s  exclusive product Sleemil™ will help you to achieve it.

Supplement Facts, Serving Size 1 Capsule: Lactium® – 167 мг. Santegra®’s new exclusive product - Sleemil™, containing a unique ingredient - Lactium®, is the perfect answer to stress management.

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